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In the Library, not only can you consult and borrow books, but you can also browse the Internet for study and research purposes, make photocopies, scan materials and carry out research aided by the staff.


The service is offered free of charge to Italian and foreign citizens who are over 6 years of age and are registered in the Trentino Library System. Everything belonging to the patrimony may be borrowed, except the works for reference only (dictionaries, atlases, encyclopaedias, works consisting of several volumes, documents belonging to the Historical Collection, documents in poor condition, degree theses), daily newspapers and magazines, with the exception of the Mondo Ladino (Ladin World) Magazine, published by the Institute.

The following table indicates the maximum number of borrowed items allowed, as well as the duration and type of loan for each type of material:

Items that can be borrowed
  Local Users Days Tourists Days
Books 5 units 30 5 units 15
Ladin World magasine  5 units 30 5 units 15
DVD  5 units  15 5 unitàs  15

Ulteriori informazioni sull’ammissibilità al prestito delle singole tipologie di materiale si trovano alla voce Service Charter.


Through this service, users of the Library System may request, free of charge, works from other libraries belonging to the Trentino Library System, as long as the loan of these is permitted. The books present in the Fassa Valley libraries are excluded.


Photocopies of documents owned by the Library may be made in compliance with the limits set by legal requirements. Ancient, handwritten and rare materials or materials in a particular condition may be copied, if authorized by the Management, and this must be entrusted to specialized external personnel. For costs, refer to the Archive Services Regulations.

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