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Museum Ladin de Fascia

Creation and planning:

Cesare Poppi
Fabio Chiocchetti

Museography team:

Stefano Dell’Antonio
Francesca Giovanazzi
Mara Vadagnini

Project and set-up:

Weber & Winterle architetti associati con Ettore Sottsass 

Graphics equipment:

Giancarlo Stefanati

Multimedia aids:

Asteria multimedia

The Ladin Cultural Institute’s ethnographic collections are kept inside the Ladin Museum in Fassa, which was inaugurated in 2001. They are the result of twenty years of research and are organized based on precise logical criteria and dedicated to the different aspects of the Ladin civilization.

The basic outline of the Ladin Museum was designed in 1978-79 and it reflects the image of a living community that is aware of itself, characterized by its own language and by an unusual territory and history: the subject of the exhibition is, in fact, the process that led to the formation of a people, or ethnogenesis, through evidence provided by the material and spiritual culture from its origins up to the present day.

Its image is one of vitality, which is reflected in the exhibition structure itself, designed under the guidance of Ettore Sottsass as a place with a contemporary touch, where the modern dimension of the culture of the Ladin minorities is defined.

One of the most significant aspects of the set-up is the System of Multimedia Aids (SMA), a system with 17 information points, managed by a computer network and equipped with an interactive touch-screen, spread along the entire museum itinerary: from here, visitors can access 74 short single-topic films concerning objects or aspects of the exhibition, with original sound and texts in several languages.

As well as the exhibition halls, the Museum also has a storage facility that can be visited, a Multimedia Room for educational activities, a bookshop and a museum shop with high-quality objects and gadgets.

The museum does not end with its Headquarters, but it also extends to the Territorial Museum with its “Local Branches” that form a real ethnographic itinerary throughout the valley.




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