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The ladin cultural institute “majon de fascegn”

It is one of the cultural organizations operating in support of the Ladin community, a linguistic minority located in the heart of the Dolomites (Italy). This functional Authority of the Autonomous Province of Trento was established in 1975 (statute) and is located in San Giovanni di Fassa - Sèn Jan (Vigo di Fassa) in the ancient "Tobià de la Pieif”, the monumental barn next to the rectory of the Parish Church of Fassa.

Among its statutory objectives, there is the collection, organization and study of materials referring to the history, economy, language, folklore, mythology, customs and habits of the Ladin people.

The Institute also promotes the spread of Ladin language and Ladin culture via the media. It collaborates with schools to enhance the value and promote teaching of this language and it supports the organization of a permanent literacy teaching programme for adults (email).

The documentation and research activities translate into a rich editorial production, including the magazine entitled “Mondo Ladino”, meaning Ladin World, (since 1977), the “Mondo Ladino Quaderni” (Ladin World Journals) collection, dedicated to the world of schools, as well as monographs, dictionaries, collections of texts, illustrated books for children, catalogues and audio-visual media, with over 100 titles (Publications, Shop).

The commitment in the field of ethnographic research led to the founding of the Ladin Museum in Fassa, the new Headquarters of which were inaugurated in July 2001, the starting point of an ethnographic itinerary through the culture of Fassa (Territorial Museum).






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