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Mondo Ladino 1976

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The ICL magazine, founded by Luigi Heilmann in 1977, is now published annually, giving a voice to the initiatives and research promoted by the Institute itself, including contributions made by scholars and specialists who identify with an in-depth interdisciplinary scientific programme along with a much broader distribution.

It contains studies, events and features concerning various aspects of Alpine and Ladin culture, particularly: history, linguistics, folklore, arte, environment and social dynamics. From time to time, the “Ousc ladines” (index) section presents ancient and recent Ladin texts, both of a folkloristic type and also of a literary nature.

In the annual issues edited to date, there are several monographic volumes that are particularly interesting for their subject matter and the extent to which this is dealt with.

“Mondo ladino Quaderni”

This parallel series of the magazine is mainly dedicated to problems and subject matters linked to the world of schools, language teaching, sociolinguistics and training. It is issued without a set frequency.

Mondo Ladino Quaderni 1

Mondo Ladino Quaderni 2

Mondo Ladino Quaderni 3

Mondo Ladino Quaderni 4

Mondo Ladino Quaderni 5

Mondo Ladino Quaderni 6

Mondo Ladino Quaderni 7

Mondo Ladino Quaderni 8


Traditional dictionaries regarding the varieties of the Fassa Ladin language, modern dictionaries and grammar dictionaries of a regulatory type, referring to both Fassa Ladin and Standard Ladin, Electronic Dictionary on CD-ROM (IFLD), materials for literacy teaching courses and for self-learning with audio cassettes.


Monographic texts and miscellaneous books on Ladin studies, popular traditions, memoirs and art history.


Works and collections of texts compiled by folklorists and scholars of popular traditions from the nineteenth century to the present day, documenting the use of writing “in specific language” for handing down and recounting folk culture from the inside: fairy-tales and legends, customs and trades, theatre, poetry and music.


Illustrated book series, the result of a project aimed at increasing the production of texts for children in the Ladin language. As well as the traditional local “contìes”, stories featuring the classical repertoire of fairy-tale literature are presented, as well as original works by contemporary authors.

“L dragonzel”

Fiction series created in collaboration with L'Union di Ladins de Fascia to offer children and adults the opportunity to read in the Ladin language: original works by contemporary authors and translations of literary classics for children and adults.


Illustrated monographic volumes edited on the occasion of exhibitions organized by the Institute and aimed at documenting the research activity accompanying the exhibitions dedicated to popular culture and classical art.


VHS Video cassettes, audio CDs, audio cassettes, CD-ROMs and DVDs, documenting the Ladin community’s present-day literary, artistic and musical activities.




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