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On the occasion of the first centennial of the Great War, the Educational Services at the Ladin Museum in Fassa wish to offer students and teachers the opportunity to participate in educational and training activities linked to this important war that personally touched the people and places in our region and particularly in the Fassa valley. 

The exhibition will be a privileged space in which the itineraries can take place. It will be set up at the Navalge Theatre in Moena and entitled 1914-1918 “La Gran Vera”. The Great War: Galicia, Dolomites, with four sections including highly spectacular reconstructions, themed showcases, educational panels, period photos and blow-ups with references to the Austrian-Russian front, the war in the mountains in the Fassa Dolomites and its impact on the local populations.

The training offered involves classes starting with Primary Schools to the highest levels of education, addressing the subject of the First World War, both from a broader viewpoint and also through programmes on specific subjects. This will make it possible to satisfy the needs of the local schools, which will also be able to carry out the activities in the Ladin language, and also the needs of schoolchildren on educational visits, coming from all over the region and from the neighbouring areas.


The workshops offered are divided by subject and diversified according to age groups. It will, in fact, be possible to combine a general guided tour of the exhibition, useful as an introduction, with one of the themed workshops proposed, or simply pay a more in-depth visit to the rooms, possibly keeping the workshops for another meeting.

Download Education on The Great War, a booklet containing the complete list of educational proposals, opening hours, information, costs and booking methods.


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